Binary Love: Zomato does it again

Saloni Surti
New Update
Zomato Binary Tweet

The Zomato Binary Tweet got many using translators only to find out it meant 'It's Chai Time'. Like almost every Zomato gimmick, it garnered good reaction and some good ol' banter.

The message of It's Chai Time was received with reactions of appreciation for the brand that in their users' opinion has also upped their service. Twitter influencer Gabbar reverted to the Zomato Binary tweet with words of praise on their delivery record.

Further, Godrej Cinthol too joined the fun with a message of their own which translated to - For us, its SHOWER Time.

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Twitter users overall decided to join the fun and games with the recently trending #RahulBoseMoment of over-expensive bananas, and some general comical reactions.

We at Social Samosa, couldn't resist the Chai - Samosa (made in heaven) pair and decided to join the bandwagon. The tweet read - Adding Samosa's to the Cart.

Zomato's Twitter strategy has been a rather different one. In the general trend of moment marketing, the brand has been leveraging its community to create moments in addition to latching on the existing ones. It will be interesting to see how far the strategy goes.

Till then, Chai & Samosas, anyone?

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