Zomato’s tweet about religion garners mix reactions

Zomato religion tweet

Zomato’s tweet about food not having a religion but it being a religion is gaining praises all across – in the form of praises and backlash too; it seems to have opened up few wounds from the past.

A customer of Zomato tweeted saying that he cancelled his order because a non-Hindu rider was assigned to deliver his food and changing the rider or refund was not feasible.

Addressing this concern, Zomato tweeted “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.”

Well, that is true. Especially in India, where we see people from different walks of life and different religions, living together in one geography.

Moreover, distinct religions have unalike staple food. Different cultures have different culinary traditions. Which is why you can drool over kebabs invented in West Berlin while sitting at home in Mumbai. Or enjoy Biryani invented in Arabia, where the state religion is Islam.

Religious preference is any individual’s right but raising conflict due to religious fanaticism is easily avoidable.

This does not count eating preferences due to religious obligations like eating vegetarian or eating Halal.

Deepinder Goyal, Founder & CEO, Zomato addressed this subject too stating that they aren’t afraid to lose business that pollutes their values.

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Most people are all praises for this uncalled behaviour.

Few people are not.

Few think that Zomato is a hypocrite.

And Zomato’s this bold move has also opened their old wounds when Zomato Delivery Executives were photographed eating food from deliveries.

Although this was a bold move by the company, it is definitely worth an applause and hopefully this strong message will inspire more. Good job Zomato!