From a skinny lad to a fitness blogger, Abhay Alok’s inspiring journey…

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Today may not be Tuesday but here is a #TransformationTuesday story for you. It’s about this skinny nerd who found his resolve in body-building and now is a Fashion & Lifestyle blogger. Meet Abhay Alok.

He reckons as India is a young nation his work is concerned with the youth and if not a blogger he would aspire to be an engineer. In this interview, Abhay Alok shares more about his blog.

Looking back where did it all begin?

Looking back a couple of years ago, I was this skinny guy and a nerd who is into books (which also helped me develop my personality initially) but then I always had this urge to explore different possibilities and that helped me a lot. I found my resolve in bodybuilding and with consistency I have reached a position where I am confident enough and have that intellect to confront different situations.

What’s in the name?

All these years, the tasks I opted for, I assure that I have worked with utmost sincerity, passion, determination, consistency and most importantly the willingness and interest I had towards my goals and one of the most significant being, creating my very own blog on fashion. This was only possible after extensive research on the subject and carefully observing different trends and innovations on the subject. A few months after this I decided to showcase my ideas on YouTube.

What’s your USP in this cluttered space? how doe your content gives you an edge?

I stick to my basics always, I always try to be myself. I create content for the general public, most importantly India being a young nation, my work is concerned with the interests of the youth. I started from scratch when very few such relatable and guiding contents ( issues of fashion and fitness) were available, so I understand what kind of problems students face. How much they want to do things that could bring a considerable improvement in their personality, what issues they face in daily lives regarding fashion grooming and fitness. I work, observe and research accordingly for my content. I always believe in talking to my viewers, followers and always take input from them.

Please, take us through your content creation process. how do you stay relevant and relatable?

I create content based on things what I do and what general audience (particularly the youth) needs at the moment. For this, I observe lots of people. I always prefer watching the latest trending genres and deriving from it and infusing my ideas with it I try to create an amalgamation which is easy and affordable.

How do you make moolah with your efforts?

At this very moment, I am focusing more on creating appealing and comprehensive content targeting a larger audience which I could relate with. Whether it is Instagram or my website, I make money through brand collaborations and I also earn from my website. Currently, few of my projects are under progress, I hope it will be completed soon and I am confident my new ventures and ideas will be quite successful in the near future.

How do you maintain editorial objectivity with the influx of brand brief?

Whatever blog or post I do for the brand, firstly, I decide whether it should be done or not, depending upon the quality and purpose of the idea. Secondly, I use the product and then based on my personal experience I create the content. I think the quality and purpose of ideas must be kept in mind when working on brand advertising.

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One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile?

There are many such incidents that are quite worthy to me and which I cherish a lot but one such experience is when people who are struggling hard and our busy giving their best whether it is in the context of bodybuilding or enhancing one’s personality through considerable changes in their makeover, they look up to me for advice and take my suggestions seriously. I love to strengthen and inspire my followers when they feel like giving up.

Weirdest brand brief/request ever

Once a weird incident took place, there was a guy from the USA and he wanted me to promote his website. We had a deal that I will put some stories and he was supposed to pay me 20 dollars for those posts. He was like do the story I will pay you afterward since he was not from some trusted or authentic source so I told him I need payment after 30 minutes, once I am done with the post. And then he was blank.

If not blogging, you would be?

I am still in college pursuing BTech, so if not blogging I will certainly be an engineer.

Message / Tips for upcoming bloggers

I am just 21 right now, I still learn every day from someone. I am not big enough for tips and all. But yeah there are two things every blogger should keep in mind: Work hard, there is no alternative solution & support each other, it’s how we grow; Every other day is a new challenge, so try to seize every day. Best of luck to the blogger.

Your favorite influencer

He is not my favorite but yeah I have learned a lot from him, ROWAN ROW.

The future you foresee for your future brand

I have a really amazing plan for my future brand which you guys will see at the right time. But before that, I want to prove myself and want to represent my country. I want to win some for myself and the country.