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Who are we (BlueBot)?

BlueBot is media-agnostic and believes that there is no fixed formula to solve marketing problems. Sometimes it may be in the form of a clutter-breaking print ad or a social media app or something as simple as a tweak on your existing product packaging. The agency was founded by Carl Savio, an advertising professional with 12 years of experience in agencies such as Ogilvy, McCann, Mudra, and Lowe. Carl heads BlueBot 's creative and strategic functions.

The BlueBot team comprises of 21 and is dived into art, content, film, and brand management. The senior creative team comprises of Gagan Naidu, Amy Lokandwala and Ritu K. Brand management are headed by Mathew Joseph and Kim Coyne.

Our team :


What's in the name?

When we were looking for a name an image of a happy robot just kept popping up in our sketches. So, we gave him a heart and a smile and named him BlueBot. Blue is our favorite color and ‘bots’ being search engine crawlers that make the Internet tick.

What we do?

We are a full-service creative agency but we primarily focus on brand

strategy, content creation, UI/UX design, film making and social media management (community management, content development, and Social Media Marketing). One of our unique offerings is that we have a full-fledged film production unit and make films with high- production values.

How we evolve?

What won't change is the constant search for big, shiny, disruptive ideas that can impact a brand’s trajectory. But what is constantly striving towards is to be on top of the tools, platforms, and mediums to disseminate these ideas. Craft is something we constantly trying to evolve. Good ideas need to be packaged beautifully.

Social responsibility in social media

Honesty is key. The consumer deserves it. We make a conscious effort to only partner with brands that strive to create ethical products and enrich consumers. We wouldn’t for example, work with a fairness cream brand because we don’t believe their messaging impacts society in the right way.

The need of the hour

Is to produce content that a consumer finds useful. Content that is beyond a product sales pitch. Brands have to create insightful, meaningful interactions every time they speak.

We learned the hard way

That in today’s content economy ideas have to be of the highest level if a brand needs to stand out from the noise and clutter. We’re all competing against the best the internet has to offer.

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Did we just share that?

During a new business introductory meeting, Four of us from Blue bot presented our visiting cards which were duly studied by their VP marketing. During the course of the meeting, VP marketing kept addressing one of our brand managers called Pooja (name changed) as Dipesh. Pooja, of course, looked utterly confused. After the third such instance, one of us interjected only to realize that Pooja had carried the wrong visiting card and had in fact given him Dipeshs’ card instead of hers. Dipesh wasn’t present and was obliviously working on a layout back in the office. Pooja, of course, turned red in the face.

They work with us

McAfee India, Middle-East, Singapore and Africa. We also handle and create content for McAfee’s global Instagram profile. Practo, Dunzo, Byjus, Small case, Great Learning, Van Heusen, Myntra and others.

The industry as we foresee

We are now slap-bang in the middle of the content economy. While advertising will always exist, advertising experiences need to feel more native and involving. Advertising needs to be in the form of content that people find useful. A captive audience doesn’t exist anymore.

A day without Internet

Millions of teens around the world wouldn’t be tripping over themselves all because they can’t access DIY videos on ‘How to tie shoelaces’

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, always.

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