Agency Feature: King Crescent

Who are we? 

We are a full-scale Marketing and Advertising Company Founded by Shekhar Malhotra, an Engineer by degree and an Avid Learner. An ISB graduate, he has worked on numerous established brand names whilst building young brands from scratch. Shekhar is known for working on a result-driven approach changing words into numbers and statistics.

Constantly inspired by art and Ideas. Jyoti sets the vision and strategy for the brands she works with. Known for her creative mind and work on conceiving the core values and ideas of a brand and adapting them into their visual story and message in front of the right audience

What’s in the name?

The term King refers to the aspect of your personality that allows you to lead and also listen to others. It also signifies a company of high and positive energy that makes you feel good to be associated with!
Crescent is the waning moon representing growth or development. Our main focus is to create a long-lasting work relationship with clients to grow their business.

With the technology changing every day, the businesses have to work differently with the best in class capabilities to grow their business which we call alchemy, the best way to transform your business. Completely transforming brands and businesses, creating perfect digital journeys. This is nothing lesser than magic, alchemy! 

What do we do?

King Crescent is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency based out of New Delhi which renders state of the art creative digital services spanning across:

Social Media Marketing-Our social media services empower businesses to showcase themselves effectively to the world. We take care of all the social media campaigns that help a brand rocket to market dominance. From Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to Twitter, YouTube, and many more, we help you to get the best out of each one of them.

Search Engine Marketing-Our search engine marketing services improve brand visibility and provide them with the exact momentum required to grow as a prominent player in the marketplace. With expertise in SEO, PPC, Structural Optimisation, etc., we exert ourselves along with the businesses to promote them effectively.

Content Marketing-We know how to refine your ideas and present them in the form of newsworthy, informative, and appealing content. It’s the era where content is regarded as the King and, we at King Crescent focus on quality along with a strategy to make sure that your brand is recognized globally.

Web UX, UI, & Graphic Design-Our creative team strives hard to align with your ideas and implement them beautifully. Our elite creative services strategy makes sure that we put the industry’s some of the brightest and inventive minds to work and bring out exquisite results.

Website Design And Development-Our website design and development agency helps to build brands from scratch and provide them with business-oriented solutions on a par with market standards. We believe in a series of perpetual feedback to keep the website customer-oriented.

Mobile Application Development-We are known for creating apps that get noticed, desiring and developing applications that get featured in the app store. 

Programmatic Media Buying-Our key differentiator is the ability to use all programmatic media buying tools to grow large businesses effectively.

Why we do it? 

The partners have worked in the top marketing agencies of the world, came across many voids not being taken care of in the industry and decided to get ahead of the herd to establish an organization that actually makes a difference. That actually listens to their clients and works with them to grow!

How we evolve? 

Living the ‘client first’ mentality, it drives us to educate our selves on a regular. All teams at King Crescent keep up with the trend by curating content in their respective fields to touch all the latest topics, applications in trend, etc. We have recently started making use of WorkSpace, where all the team members are required to seed their curated content which helps all of us evolve.

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Social responsibility in social media

We love creating content that inspires! Focussing mainly on highly conceptualized video content which helps in getting us higher engagement and at the same time is not easy to implement.

Need of the hour 

There are many well-thought-of ideas that exist but in order for them to succeed, the lawmakers must fully understand social media technology and it’s business landscape.
We as an agency believe that the use of our personal data must get regulated by making use of a similar principle as that of our relationship with doctors/lawyers. They need personal information about us to serve us well but who also have duties of confidentiality toward us. 

We learned the hard way

Saying ‘yes’ to each and every opportunity that comes your way even when you do not possess the expertise that can result in you losing your market respect after treating your client as a test rat. 
Take it slow, educate your team and scale with experience. Hire the right people!

They work with us

GMAC, The Fone Stuff, Casio, Jindal, Nasscom, Delhi Tourism, Encardio-Rite

The Industry as we foresee 

Social media plays a very important role in our lives and hence cannot be handled by monkeys! 
Social media will thrive in the coming years in our country but we are seeing a new trend of business owners entering the field with no prior knowledge which can be a very dangerous trend and cost us a lot!

A day without Internet

A day without the internet would actually be good as it will help us connect with the ones near to us more. But a month without it isn’t the same!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Social Media Analyst: 2 Years of Experience
Junior Content Writer: 1+ Years of Experience 
SEM Manager: 3+ Years of Experience
HR Intern