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Yellow Seed agency

Tell us about Yellow Seed

Yellow Seed is a Content Strategy and Development agency that works across sectors, brands, agencies, platforms & formats. In the race to occupy maximum space in consumers’ minds & wallets, brands are creating content – that may not be of any real value to their audience. With changing consumer preferences, what you communicate with your audience has to be served right! Just the way you don’t feed grass to a lion, your content has to be relevant for your audience.

At Yellow Seed, we believe in doing just that with a dollop of #awesomeness! Like a classic fable, Yellow Seed made a humble beginning 7 years ago. It’s been a great ride so far, working with awesome brands & agencies alike. But like we say it, “we’ve just started off!’.

What’s in the name?

Well, the color yellow inculcates optimism and positive energy. It sparks creative thoughts which spring through that little seed, stimulating development. Yup. It’s that simple! Our crazy little team of ‘believers’ and idea smiths simply love what they do. An incessant drive for quality backed by experience is what brings out the best in us. With originality and spontaneity being our most valued attributes, our culture and the Yellow Seed way of doing things is sure to delight clients who work with us.

Our Team

Yellow Seed

What we do?

Content Strategy:

  • We learn, unlearn, think and plan for brands. Our content development team invests time to understand your consumers, pick the right elements and put together a robust and relevant content strategy.

Digital Content :

  • We are all a part of the publishing cycle. Content is contagious. Every tweet, comment, case study, like or post put out there simply adds to your story as you demonstrate expertise in your field. We leverage every format of content, be it blogs, videos, thought leadership articles, infographics, case studies, social updates and the works. Content knows no boundaries; so, we create it in different languages. We play to the platform than create stuff one simply replicates. 


  • Information is best consumed when presented in an attractive format. We have a sharp understanding of the best techniques of design. What we are most particular about it keeping in mind how every platform or medium requires refining the design for better efficacy, keeping the brand’s identity intact.

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  • With diminishing attention spans and incessant supply of content across media, grabbing eyeballs and making them stick around for a few seconds more is every brand’s desire. The team at Yellow Seed uses its creative minds to create such engaging visual stories, explainer videos, corporate AVs and more. 

Branded Content

  • It’s the fine art and science of modern-day storytelling. Turning insights into interesting reads or views is what makes content stick. After all, the best stories are the ones that strike a chord and then, leave the audience asking for more.

Internal Communications

  • Internal stakeholders are as important as a paying audience. After all, they are consumers with opinions and a desire to know more. Yellow Seed helps brand devise internal communication strategies that sync up with their corporate values, vision and culture. We develop engaging content that weaves a story which is communicated effectively and consistently to the organization’s employees and channel partner teams.


  • We believe, what one creates or accumulates over a period of time, must be passed on and this holds true even for knowledge. We regularly conduct masterclasses and workshops where aspiring and enthusiastic professionals can benefit from our expertise in content strategy & development. This also serves as a platform to learn and share ideas, thereby fostering creativity. Sow a seed and watch the idea grow!

Why we do it? 

The need for content has been around for centuries and is immortal. It has changed its form, canvass, language etc. But the need to share stories, information, messages, and knowledge continue to drive the purpose of content creation and dissemination. We at Yellow Seed, see content to be at the heart of communication. And that’s why we put our minds and our hearts to it when we do it for brands.

How we evolve?

Change is a constant. There are new ideas, new trends in every field. Each person in our team has a different personality. We draw learnings from this collective knowledge, experiences, and ideas. Asking the right questions, keeping an open mind and absorbing every bit of information and insights helps us make our sharp minds sharper.

Social responsibility in social media

We live in an era of being constantly observed.  We ensure that what we do, what we provide and what we stand for is always displayed on our social media. We believe in what we say, we are mindful of the words we choose, keeping in mind cultural sensitivities.

Need of the hour

Social media is very dynamic and subjective. You can’t have ‘one size fits all’ approach and neither can you ensure you ‘make everyone happy’. Having said that, people must agree to disagree and allow everyone to have their own opinion. Brands can empower this open culture through their content.

We learned the hard way

The digital world is all about learning and unlearning. We have made our mistakes but only improved from them. You won’t get it right always. The trick is to not repeat a mistake but don’t be afraid to make new ones.

Did we just share that? 

We work as an extended team of our clients and share a good rapport with them.  We laugh, we debate, we agree and we disagree as well. One ‘blooper of the year’ moment happened when a 9 lac invoice reached with a few extra zeros in it. An obvious honest mistake!

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They work with us 

Since our inception, we’ve worked on a plethora of sectors and brands, often over a sustained period of time. We do respect confidentiality & that’s why all we can say is that there is more to us than meets the eye. A few of our notable clients are Mercedes Benz, Aditya Birla Capital, Wavemaker, Insider. In, Godrej Properties, Viacom18, Nestle, Castrol and more.

Industry as we foresee

The social media canvass in India is in a very exciting phase. It is evolving, maturing and allowing a great environment for creativity to flourish. ‘Collaboration and co-existence’ is the mantra for the road ahead.

A day without Internet

People worked before the age of the internet. The brain is full of creativity and stories. The Internet amplifies the speed, reach and possibilities of utilizing the grey cells. We believe that the internet is an enabler of a lot of things, but the lack of it will not be the end of the world. 

Lastly, are you hiring?

Currently there are openings for the positions of Client Associate and Design Associate. For more details feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn.