Traversing the journey of Anisha Dixit as Rickshawali

Anisha Dixit aka Rickshawali

Anisha Dixit aka Rickshawali pelts down torrents of women-centric comic situations through her channel Rickshawali.

Beyond delighting her audience with comedy, one of Anisha’s main focus on her Rickshawali channel is to raise awareness and bring up a discussion about topics which are considered taboo in India. Topics on the channel range from the struggles women in India face when buying undergarments, to the stigma that is for women in India when they have Periods or even about the wrong perception that girls are at fault for sexual assault, rape, and molestation in the country.

Travel with us through Rickshawali’s dynamic journey.

Who am I?

Anisha Dixit aka Rickshawali is a girl-centric comedy channel on YouTube popularly known for the new spin that brings on the day to day activities of Indians and most importantly, women through her sketches and comedy Vlogs.

My journey

My journey started by accident in a Rickshaw. While I was travelling to meet a friend I started to take selfies and videos of myself in a Rickshaw and that is when it hit me:” Why has nobody yet utilized the Rickshaw as a Backdrop for anything, although they are the number one transportation for almost all Indians of all ages. There are so many Rickshawalas but no Rickshawalis!”

And that is all I needed to know and with a will to create something new and equipped with a few Rickshawala Bhaiya numbers, I started making those Videos and uploaded it on my Channel Rickshawali.

What’s in the name?

Rickshawali started literally in the Rickshaw. Knowing there were tons of Rickshawala’s but not one Rickshawali is what strikes me. And my Mission was to drive people crazy and make them laugh which kind of seemed apt and matched the name as well!

My mission statement

My Mission statement is that I want to inspire young Indian adults and mostly Indian girls to be amazing, confident and push for their dreams. I want to make them laugh and showcase that even girls can be badass and can achieve anything they want if they only put their minds on it.

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I create content for?

We create content for 10-35-year-olds.

We work with…

Head & Shoulders, Venus, B612 App, Foreo, Flipkart, Whisper and many more.

We are proud of

Everything we create. Every single Video has been a lot of hard work and made with lots of love and passion. But personally one of my favourite Videos still remains a song called Period – The Musical. I made that song 4 years ago. At that time nobody spoke openly about Taboo Topics and it took me a lot of guts & courage to make that Video. And yes, I sing about Periods in that Video.

Are, you hiring?

We are always looking for new talent to work with us Mail us at