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Shalini Shrivastava of Be Beautilicious, a beauty and lifestyle blogger has immersed herself in the art of content creation for over 8 years now.

With prominent following on her YouTube platform, Shalini ( Be Beautilicious ) indulges herself in Swatch videos which bring her quite a footfall. With her blooming passion, Shalini also observes beauty trends, tests new launches and also plan campaigns. In conversation with Social Samosa, she talks about what goes behind a content creator's life.

Who am I? 

A Beauty Blogger with over 8 years of experience in observing beauty trends, testing new launches and planning campaigns with few of the top beauty brands in India. 

My journey

The inspiration came from an international blogger whom I looked up to whenever a new launch happened. So, one day out of impulse I got one free domain on Blogspot and published two articles. Two years later I got my own domain, started blogging full time. The journey has been enriching and empowering. 

My family

I am a one-woman show, to be honest. I do have freelance guest writers who contribute to my blog from time to time. 

What’s in the name? 

Finding a unique but fitting name was a challenge honestly. I played with a couple of names and came up with Be Beautilicious which was inspired by the word ‘delicious".

My mission statement 

I always choose quality over quantity. Publishing once a day is good if the content is well thought and researched. The same goes for my YouTube channel because half baked content doesn’t retain viewers. 

I create content for? 

Every Woman out there, though if I go by stats TG is 18-35 years old. 

I work with...

Kama Ayurveda, Sephora, Everyuth, Bath & Body Works, WOW Skin Sciences to name a few

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I am proud of 

My lipstick swatch videos on YouTube because that's how I have got most of my subscribers. They trust my verdict and swatches because of good lighting and a well-researched opinion.


My WTF moment 

Waiting for one to happen 

Stay tuned for...

More fun content on my social media channels. Trying to include more than makeup and dive into the world of DIY and Vlogging. 

Are, you hiring?

Not yet.

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