#BrandMoments: Swiggy makes brands rhyme, tweet in hunger

Swiggy often breaks through the clutter on Twitter with conversational tweets. Here’s a glimpse of their most recent wave of #BrandMoments.

When brands get in the banter mood on Twitter, #BrandMoments happen. Recently, when Swiggy put up a rhyme on the micro-blogging platform, other brands took note and joined to show their mettle. Such moments are precious in the branding world for they reflect well on the contributing players and give netizens something to gush about.

Swiggy begins the game

Spotify tunes in

Dash of sweet with Mad Over Donuts

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MTV Hustle plugs the show

VYRL Originals finds connect

HireMeCar brings out the GIF game

#BrandMoments is an interesting phenomenon for such instances help brands to show that they understand the value of interaction, above business. While we can imagine board meetings where competitive numbers are discussed to the hilt, this is an avenue where brands get to show their humane side to the world and to each other.

Such moments also help smaller brands get traction when they interact with those that have bigger fan counts and reach. Web traffic tends to get diverted and everyone involved benefits! The key, of course, is to create content that has value and adds to the experience of an average netizen.

Best #BrandMoments? When customers chip in!

Wouldn’t you love it if a big brand was chatting with you online, acknowledging your creativity and amplifying your personal reach? The end goal of creating content online is almost always to be able to reach out to the audiences and get them in the fold of your conversation. This is where brands get an organic chance to convert their followers into potential and even actual customers.

The initiative was a part of a brand association between Swiggy and Spotify.