#BrandMoments: When brands spread warmth, one tweet at a time

Cutting across competitive lines, brands often tweet love and reciprocate affection online. Such #BrandMoments help them shine through promotion-centric clutter.

Every brand in the digital world gets online to express how they stand out and seek potential customers. Even as the competition is tough and a lot is at stake at all times, brands often come together in a time of crisis, or for campaigns to show that they are all in this together. Usually, such #BrandMoments can be noticed during occasions like friendships’ day.

This phenomenon leads to heartwarming moments that are lapped by netizens. It helps all brands involved get traction, adding a humane touch to their promotion-first communication. The fun and awe of such #BrandMoments help brands connect with new audiences and get short-lived limelight, which stays in memory.

It is interesting to note how this is one of the easiest ways for brands to create headlines for these tweets are almost always quirky and have an aspect of unbelievability to them. Such banter almost always takes place on Twitter, where they have the most chance of being visible and get viral, thanks to the retweet and quote tweet features. While some on the Twitterverse add their opinions to the mix, some express awe — it all adds to the traction of all the brands involved in the conversation.

We are in this together

Standing in solidarity

Plugging sub-brands

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Competitive #BrandMoments

Friendly banter

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Announcing mergers

Keeping up the spirit

Celebrating together

Branding quirks

Sharing burgers

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