Facebook might show reactions to posts within notifications

Facebook updates

As per the latest Facebook updates, the social media giant is testing showing the engagement count and reactions to your individual posts within the notifications tab.

Presently, a notification of a reaction shows the reaction and the person who reacted. The version being tested highlights individual post reactions and also shows the reaction count. There are additionally more Facebook updates like scrapping of post stickers.

The notification layout has also been changed from lists to a grid. Additionally, ‘Reactions to Your Posts’ is a sub-category within the notifications tab and is placed above ‘New’ notifications.

This might help a brand keep a track of the engagement gained in an effortless manner and with one look. It will also help you make sure which post is doing well and which is not, so you can amplify your posts accordingly.

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Additionally, Facebook might be discarding Post Stickers. The screenshot below shows, no option to include a Post Sticker in the status update.

Moreover, Facebook is also testing a tweak in the recently redesigned UI of the menu. The recently updated UI of the menu looks more visual and is formatted as a list.

The tweak being tested is a two-column layout, although the visuals remain the same as the latest update.


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