Old Spice - the pal who won't let you lose your 'Swag'

Palak Uppal
Aug 08, 2019 21:22 IST
“Never let a Friend Lose His Swagger”

Old Spice unveils a nationwide “Guy crisis” competent in its latest campaign. An array of 3 episodic advertisements, the campaign seeks millennials to “Never let a Friend Lose His Swagger”.

Epitomising in energy, each spot shows men rescuing their “friends” from monotonous nights. Never Let a Friend Lose His Swagger by Wieden+Kennedy Portland flicks a humorous approach to otherwise dreary lonely guys abandoned by momentous tasks such as binge-watching in pyjamas, 'new dad' responsibilities and late-night office deadlines. Old spice boldly ploys the idea through quirky humour showing the men being put in spots that are “out” of their comfort zones.

Old Spice is reintroducing one of their most popular collections, the Swagger scent lineup by shining a humorous light on this guy epidemic.

The first ad named “Next Episode” shows the protagonist agonizing a friend who is jabbed watching television. In his comfy clothes, Sarunas Jackson comes armoured with Old spice deodorant to help his friend abscond from the otherwise obsolete night. 

In the second segment, “Working Late”- Shadowhunters’ Alberto Rosende finds his friend working late on a Friday night. Old spice acting as a catalyst and the zip-line as a traverser, he manages to give his friend the “Swag” he lacked.

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Imagine your privacy being trespassed on the premises of your OWN bedroom. The third segment tilted “New dad “grabs eyeballs as the man dives into his friend’s bedroom to give him an escape plan up to the attic and return back his “Swag” that Old spice is talking about.

Old spice's entire campaign “Never let a Friend Lose His Swagger” revolves around the theme that how fragrances and deodorants can save a person from losing his swag.

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