Instagram is testing an option for creators to cross-post IGTV videos on Facebook

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Instagram might add new features that would let creators cross-post IGTV videos to Facebook and also create a Series of videos on Instagram.

Like Instagram Stories were cloned on Facebook, now it's IGTV.

If the feature is released, it might entice creators to use IGTV more often than not as videos on Facebook tend to gain high traction.

Meanwhile IGTV as a standalone app, is struggling in the Play Store with a 3.4 rating and just over a million downloads. While TikTok has a 4.3 rating and has over 500 million downloads.

IGTV has been struggling to take off since it has arrived on the runway. And, Instagram has tried everything to give IGTV a push. From letting users post IGTV videos on their Story to post previews on the main feed and now you also see IGTV videos on the Explore tab.

You already had an option to post a preview on Instagram, now the option being tested would also let you post your IGTV video on Facebok & Watch.

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The 'Add to Series' option would let you categorise a group of videos into a series and let you create multiple series.

The feature being tested seems to be another one of such efforts.

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