Momspresso launches India's first micro-influenc'Her' platform, MyMoney

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Momspresso launches India's first micro-influenc'Her' platform, MyMoney

Momspresso’s platform works with everyday moms, and aims at enhancing the marketing efficacy of brands wanting to target moms.

Momspresso, India’s one of the largest user-generated content platform that allows women to express themselves through different formats including text, audio, and video across eight languages, has recently introduced its micro-influencer platform called MyMoney. MyMoney utilizes 'everyday moms' who are consumers of brands to build word of mouth amongst friends, family, and fellow moms.

The basic premise of this the platform is that moms trust other moms and look up to them for their advice on new products, brands, and services. This makes micro-influencing a very successful concept as it moves beyond celebrities and allows peer-to-peer interaction which has proven to have a much higher engagement and conversion rates.

MyMoney works for these micro-influencer moms who are looking at a simple way to make money by working with brands they love and use. Moms who are registered on the Momspresso platform can go through available campaigns put forth by brands, participate in the campaigns that they are eligible for, and earn the predetermined amount attached to each campaign. Deliverables will be in the form of surveys, reviews, content creation, events or social media posts. Once their entries are approved, the earnings from the campaign will be directly transferred through their preferred payment medium (bank transfer, PayTM, or UPI). In turn, brands will reap the benefits of large-scale micro-influencer marketing.

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Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Prashant Sinha, Co-Founder &  Momspresso said, “Momspresso has always been at the forefront of providing engaging solutions to brands targeting moms while proving the moms a steady stream of income they call their own. MyMoney will further amplify marketing effectiveness as it is a crowd marketing platform that allows brands to leverage the power of 5,00,000 Moms to deliver their message in order to create word of mouth.”

Since its inception, the platform has been leveraging these tie-ups to introduce moms to a plethora of campaigns that engage them and benefit them monetarily. Now, through MyMoney, Momspresso looks forward to engaging with over 150 brands in this calendar year.

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