#SAMMIE2019: Performance Marketing 101 by Nishant Singh Didawat

Nishant Singh Didawat — Business Head, Digital Media at Kinnect takes a session on performance marketing 101 and how to make every penny count

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Nishant Singh Didawat Business Head, Digital Media at Kinnect takes a session on performance marketing 101 and how to make every penny count at #Sammie2019.

Marketing from a branding perspective and for driving performance has pretty much the same basics, says Didawat. "Performance marketers shouldn’t just target audiences based on interests for they may not get the desired ROI. They should also look at the brands the user has interacted with in the past and more," he says. Unravelling performance marketing 101, he explains that the process can be divided into three parts — creative, targeting and optimization.


Performance-centric creatives should always have the product, price and proposition mentioned. It is important to highlight the important decisions that you wish the audiences to make with a very strong and clear call-to-action thrown in the mix. It is also important to keep changing the creative often. Experimentation is key to these dynamic creatives as there are a lot of elements that can be tweaked to drive results, based on trial and error.

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One of the most important point to begin the work on targeting is to check who is buying and how — are the customers buying your product again and again and referring it further as well? What category are they looking at? Are they buying it form the application or the website? Are they buying your product or your competitor's? What is the platform of research and what are they researching for? You need to check if the customer is really in the market you seek. Segmentation in targeting should be done accordingly. The size of your audiences should neither be too big nor too large.


Platforms are key when it comes to optimization, as any marketer would know. However, there are certain finer points that need to be kept in mind — data security, customer privacy and a robust reporting infrastructure. It is important to optimise your content and campaigns for the channels they will go out on, especially when they are going out on multiple channels. Tools and parameters need to be kept in check. The most important parameter is to check the source of the traffic and understand the trends.

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