Social Media News Round Up: LinkedIn’s updates, Twitter’s data breach, and more

Social Media News

Social Media Platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our weekly roundup of Social Media News this week.

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Social Media News this week was dominated by Twitter revealing that they may have shared your data with advertisers, LinkedIn introducing Audience Engagement API, Snapchat’s first India office, and a lot more.

Snap Inc opens first office in India

The company opens its first office in Mumbai. Read more here.

Twitter’s data breach, UI customization, and more

Twitter revealed that they may have shared your data with advertisers; additionally the platform is testing and rolling-out new features on mobile and desktop. Read more here.

J&K cops send notice to Twitter seeking details on ‘malicious’ user

In the latest unfolding of events, the Jammu & Kashmir cops have sent an official notice to Twitter seeking information regarding WajSKhan. Read more here.

Twitter shifts focus to API for advertisers

Twitter recently announced that they would be cutting off third-party data sources for advertisers on the platform. Read more here.

Filmfare and Femina launch shows on Snapchat Discover

Snapchat expands its slate of local content on Snapchat Discover with Getting Chatty with Katty, Famously Filmfare (Filmfare India) and All about Makeup (Femina). Read more here.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator updates and more

LinkedIn has announced Elevate Alerts in LinkedIn Sales Navigator and introduced Audience Engagement Insights to LinkedIn Partner Program. Read more here.

Facebook opens Instagram AR Filter tool for users

Instagram’s AR Filter tool allows users to enhance the effect-building tool as the Facebook team announces the latest update. Read more here.