‘Lights, Camera, Experiment’, the ethos of The Screen Patti

The Screen Patti

The Screen Patti is a New Age Comedy Channel for the Millennials of India who swipe right on Tinder, Use Filters on Snapchat & Instagram and are always looking for the Stories which will make them laugh next.

Who are we?

Keeping in line with the network’s brand ethos of ‘Lights, Camera, Experiment’, The Screen Patti is a channel endeavored to experiment more with ideas. The mission shall always be to explore newer formats, newer stories and introduce newer likable characters. 

Our journey

The Screen Patti was started by the young Turks of The Viral Fever who wanted to experiment with edgier content that had the uncertainty of failing and going viral in equal measures. It was conceptualized at a time when TVF had established its voice, leaving a group of creators who wanted to do an experiment, fail or succeed and learn. Our first sketch, ‘Scavengers – The Return of Indian Superheroes’ was released on April 2015, and followed the same principle.

Our family

Our family is a bunch of youngsters who like to call them directors and writers who are also passionate about acting. Be it everyone’s favorite, Shivankit or the most chased duo of Bade-Chote or the heartthrob Parikshit, everyone in the team likes to juggle multiple roles. 

What’s in the name?

That’s one question the team has been asked on many occasions, with many coming up with their own theories. But the fact of the matter is that there’s no such depth to the name and The Screen Patti is called The Screen Patti because everyone liked the sound of it in the room.

Our mission statement

In times of voracious consumption of content on the Internet, our attempt has always been to bring a smile on the viewers’ faces, be it through slapstick humor, or a spoof or by making them uncomfortable with a hard-hitting truth. 

We create content for?

The young men of India, the dreamers who aim to make it big one day. The ones who are struggling at their first job, the one who is still looking for a romantic partner in life, the ones who have a hard time meeting their month end’s need. TSP aims to entertain them all and tell the hassles of their lives. 

We work with…

We have partnered with major brands across multiple categories, including BSFI (ET Money, COCO), online apps and services (Cashify, IMDB, Big Rock, Tinder), FMCG (Mirinda, Set Wet, Bingo), retail (Brand Factory), media and entertainment (MX Player, Amazon Prime Videos) and many more. 

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We are proud of

Raja Rabish Kumar is one character we are really proud of. Played by Shivankit Singh Parihar, it’s a spoof of journalist Ravish Kumar. The idea behind the character was to bring political content to our audience who are, sadly, not interested in the political happenings of the country. It’s a space not many creators try and with close to a dozen hit sketches, we are really proud of the popularity it has garnered over the years. 

Our WTF moment

We are hungry creators. We aim to make content on trending topics most of the times and videos like ‘Asli Tic Toc’ and ‘Rabish Ki Report | LGBTQ का जश्‍न’ have been the biggest WTF moments for the team as the turnaround time for the videos was just 24 hours. But then, having received accolades for what we do, all of it is a sweet memory. 

Stay tuned for…

There’s a lot that we are working on. Sequels to our existing series and new ones are in the scripting stage. Announcements to be made soon. 

Are you hiring?

Anyone who intends to experiment with content that has some risk is welcomed. Drop your scripts at [email protected]