Trend Spotting: Video edits mimic social media timelines within videos

Immersive advertisement formats are being leveraged to create engaging videos, edited to look like creatives on Facebook or Instagram interface within the video frame.

Brands are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to engaging their followers and potential customers online. Recently, an interesting trend has come to fore. They are using Facebook’s immersive advertisement formats and posting them as a video.

Imagine seeing Anushka Sharma scroll through Facebook pictures with a 3D effect, all in one video. This results in creatives that have the capacity to make people stop scrolling for a second and pay attention to what the brand has to say.

The best part about the trend is that it can be done by any page or individual for all they need is to shoot and edit their video to look like a creative on Facebook’s interface. With this, smaller brands can even try to gain traction organically instead of spending on ads.

Showcasing products

Nivea India used the immersive advertisement format in an interesting way where we can see Anushka Sharma in the upper half of the square and a carousel in the half below. She scrolls through the options, picks the deodorant and talks about it. The ad follows the platform’s interface format but also breaks it at the same time. The anomaly has the potential to make the viewer stop, wonder and interact.


Want to know which is Anushka Sharma's favourite NIVEA deodorant? Watch to find out and don’t forget to comment with your favourite one too! #DeosThatCare

Posted by NIVEA on Friday, 14 June 2019

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Fun advertisements

Pepsi India did something interesting too. They merged two videos in a way that it seems they are two separate videos on the feed at first glance. The immersive experience comes to play when the viewer gets a feeling of how the bottle is jumping from one frame to another. On closer inspection, they are likely to understand that it’s happening in the same video. However, by that time, the ad had done its job to make them engage with it.

Catch Swag

Catch on to that swag- Tiger Shroff Disha Patani BADSHAH Ahmed Khan T-Series

Posted by Pepsi on Monday, 8 April 2019

3D Influencer power

The trend seems to have crossed the threshold of Facebook and entered the realm of Instagram. At this point, it also harnesses the power of influencers. In the give-away post, we can see Srishti Dixit extending her hand out to offer a pack of Ponds moisturiser. There is a 3-dimensional aspect to this post, which adds to the potential of this ad to be a tool of engagement. Of course, two sets of caption points also add to the mystery that keeps the viewer hooked enough to interrupt their scroll.

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