World Photography Day campaigns capture social media

World Photography Day brand posts

World Photography Day brand posts express the photographic impressions of reality through creatives.

Few brands have acknowledged this occasion by lauding the photogenic talent of myriads in World Photography Day brand posts.

For instance, One Plus and Motorola both praised the quality work of the photographers’ community that complements the advanced specifications of their devices. Similarly, several mobile-manufacturing companies have seized this occasion to recommend their products.

Commenting on the occasion, Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director, Nikon India said, “World Photography Day is a reminder for us to reflect on how essential photographs and videos have become in our lives. Today I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and encourage the photographer and videographer community for creating bespoke work and inspiring us and the coming generation to be passionate towards creating such master pieces.

CANON India, on a purposeful mode, took up a cause that pleads us to shift our focus to the real challenges from the trending challenges. The color palette of the one-minute long advert with an intense background score advances as impactful and the double entendre of #ShiftYourFocus is bright & maintains minimal brand connect and it also is the continuance of the renowned campaign.

A common theme observed with several brands this year is ‘contests’. Numerous brands have taken the route of holding a contest wherein users are asked to submit their best shots.

From a brand point of view, holding a contest is the easiest way to grasp this moment, it takes little to no efforts from the brand side, creates a wave of user-generated content which also brings in engagement. In the course, it also imparts exposure to underrated talent.

Other brands have appreciated the skill that can teleport you from where you are, through your screen.

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