Agency feature: The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

Who are we?

We’re young, erratic and spontaneous, and you’ll love us for it!

Why? Because consistency is boring and rules were always meant to be broken. Anything can happen at any time, anywhere – that’s what our jobs and the digital media is all about. We’re here to help you embrace the uncertainty that comes with it.

Fascinated with the changing ways of digital marketing, we’re always anticipating innovation. We’re experimental and curious – the ideal concoction to brew creative marketing and advertising campaigns for your brand.

What’s in the name?

We’re a forward-thinking bunch – always looking ahead and anticipating changes, adversity, and challenges. Our name is indicative of the fact that we take this head-on. We like to believe that all our associations (be it our clients or our own staff) are moving forward in their respective journeys to becoming “the next big thing”!

We help brands and businesses connect the dots to help bring their beautiful visions to life.

Our Team

The Next Big Thing agency

What we do?

Our Services


Branding: is a lot like a character sketch.

Building your brand’s identity is an extremely crucial aspect of your business. Branding speaks volumes and it doesn’t just consist of a logo unit. It includes forming an identity and setting a tonality for all your communication thereafter. It’s what makes you, you!

With scores of businesses all vying for your audiences attention, branding is the one exercise that can help you stand out.


Inbound Marketing: turns contemporary marketing on its head.

The rules of the game have changed. Marketing is no longer about finding your ideal customer; it’s about your ideal customer finding you. We’ll help them find you with a whole array of services like SEO & SEM, Content marketing, Social media marketing and Branding.

A healthy mix of these powered with our expertise will ensure great results!


Content Creation & Strategy: is an art.

Communication forms the crux of how customers understand you. It is an essential part of your brand’s identity. Using the right words for the right media makes all the difference. Let us help you crack the code.


UI/UX Design & Web Development: is your virtual projection.

Your website or app is a window of opportunities to connect with your potential audience, and it should be just as easy as peeking through the glass. We specialise in designing an interface specific to your needs while keeping in mind the usability and feasibility.


Search Engine Optimisation: makes sure you’re always on top!

We’re really into organic stuff and we have just the solution to make your business presence grow organically too! Using the right terms, we make sure your website always shows up on the topmost position on Google Search.

This way it becomes easier for your business to be found and recognised. With the cut-throat competition out there, SEO is an exercise that will prove to be beneficial for your business in the long run.


Social Media Management: makes you the pied piper.

Drawing your audience towards you is not as hard as it seems – not if we can help it! Different brands work differently on social media to create a significant impact. Figuring out what works for your brand/business makes our day!

With our creative campaign ideas and regularised content calendar, your business will take off in no time.


Paid Advertising: helps you put your money where your brand is.

Gone are the days when attention-seeking was frowned upon. If you want to make a mark, you’ll have to make some noise. Paid advertising, when done right, can guarantee you reach far and wide provided you have the right advisers.

We can help you optimise your budget to create maximum bang for your buck.


Augmented & Virtual Reality: can bring your business alive!

It’s not just the newest trend in the digital world, it presents businesses with various new opportunities. When done right, using this tool can create an unforgettable impact on your audience and reinvent their experience with your brand/business.

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Why we do it?

The world of digital marketing enthralls us, creating endless opportunities for brands and businesses. We love to come up with whacky ideas that can help get brands recognised in their sphere.

Figuring out what works and what doesn’t, keeps us and our audiences focussed and engaged!

How we evolve?

The digitisation of media and marketing has paved a completely new path for businesses to tread on. You’ll find us waiting to welcome and guide you through it with our growth hacking expertise.

We ensure your brand is leveraged with “sustainable, long-term growth” so that everyone moves onwards and forward, towards their goals.

The creative dynamics of our agency allows us to openly interact with each other, ensuring we all work as one, leaving nothing to chance.

Our unconventional ways help us create and envision the perfect strategies and campaigns for your brand that hit the right spot with your target audience.

Social Responsibility in Social Media

We back all our ideas with research and advise our clients to furnish facts. We work with the information obtained through these methods and represent the same in creative ways, leaving no room for falsification.

We sincerely believe in empowering our audience with the right information and aid our clients in doing the same so that they may be recognised as reliable and trustworthy over everything else.

Need of the hour

We like to keep things strictly professional. Tomfoolery is often what lands one in trouble. While our ideas are full of fun and creativity, our message and communication when responding to queries and engaging with clients/audiences are very adept.

We learned the hard way

Good ideas may not always translate into good campaigns. We’ve learned the art of letting go of some great ideas as they may not translate – due to a multitude of factors (budget constraints, time constraints, availability of resources, client requirements, etc.)

We understand the nuances of creative work and the perils that come along with it and we’ve learned to make our peace and support each other and our clients through the adversities.

Did we just share that

Riding high on the Game of Thrones fever during Season 7, we created a 360 video of Dragon’s Pit. The video was styled with dragon skulls hidden in plain sight.

The idea was to engage with audiences while also subtly pushing our affinity for such video content.

Though it was a bit random, the post did garner significant engagement online. We deem this experiment a success!

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They work with us

  • Sarovar Hotels & Resorts
  • Hotel Daspalla – 4 Star Hotel
  • Aerofit – India’s Leading Fitness Equipment Brand
  • TinMen –  Hyderabad-based home food delivery startup
  • The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace
  • Finfriday – AI Financial Advisor

The industry as we foresee it

The world went online one day and forgot to log off. This was revolutionary in so many ways! 

It changed the way we access information, the way we shop, the way we work – it basically remodelled the many ways in which we go about our lives. It goes without saying that it also transformed the way businesses function and thus gave way to digital marketing!

We at The Next Big Thing embraced this exciting transformation and decided to explore its many avenues. We have never looked back since.

A day without internet

Believe it or not, we’ve actually had a couple of days like this! Teething issues, we used to call them.

No internet at The Next Big Thing doesn’t mean work gets stalled. We fill our day with brainstorming sessions – churning out ideas that will keep us going months on end and then indulge in some cheerful banter across carom boards and foosball tables!

Are we hiring

We’re expanding our horizons with each passing day, and we’re simultaneously looking to create a diverse team to cater to the various needs of the market today.

If you’re looking to be a part of the creative realm, The Next Big Thing could be the perfect place for you! Send in your resume/CVs to us at [email protected]