Agency Feature: Unomono

Unomono agency feature

Who is Unomono?

Unomono is a creative agency with a focus on responsive branding systems for the digital age. Founded by Adil Khanna an ex Disney animator and Reva Dutta a formal branding lead at Please See Delhi. With a vast variety of multidisciplinary talent ranging from branding, animation and film, packaging and graphic design our forte lies in using all these skills to create ‘Flexible identities in motion’ for today’s brands.

Our Team

Our team draws from diverse backgrounds in the creative realm. Sanjana Choudhari brings extensive experience from the fashion and design industry, having worked for some of the biggest names in the Indian fashion industry, at the likes of Shivan & Narresh, Malini Ramani and Raghavendra Rathore as a Fashion Designer and Stylist previously. Aarushi is a silver medallist from B.Des in Communication Design from GD Goenka School of Fashion and Design, Gurgaon. On the accounts side we have Kavleen Sethi, armed with a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, fresh out of college, copy queen, a master on excel; give this woman access to google suite and she’ll plan out everything including our much-needed chai breaks. Apart from the core team, we work with a wide range of copy and design consultants on varied projects including a stellar HR consultant on board with 11 years of experience to address all hiring and team needs.

Unomono  agency feature

What’s in the name?

Unomono literally translated to 1:1 was born from a need to work closely with all our select clients to help create and innovate on their brands, from fresh out of the oven start-ups to established brands looking to get a makeover both visually and verbally, we love to add our flare to them all!

We thrive in working *one-on-one with our clients to craft meaningful work that does more than just work. We are constantly looking to add that 25th hour to the day because great design – takes time!

What do we do? 

We love crafting responsive identity systems, branding solutions, marketing communication and social media strategy, films, and animation.

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Why we do it? 

Effective communication is a core need in our country. With so many young start-up brands today looking to create products and services for Indian consumers that we as Indians can be proud of we feel a core part of their journey lies in creating innovative and effective communication and branding strategies specific to the context in which they exist.

How we evolve?

Before being branding ‘experts’ or design ‘gurus’ we are all artists with a voice, and we fundamentally believe you can grow that voice only by exposing yourself to everything the industry has to offer and learning from your peers in the industry because feeding off each other is the only way to grow. We personally love to ‘tinker’ a lot and experiment with varied mediums to help push what we do on a daily basis.

Social responsibility in social media

From a social responsibility angle, all we can say is today’ viewer/consumer is much more aware and informed and that means as creatives handling accounts for a variety of clients we need to be more sensitive to what we put out into the world but not at the cost of losing impact. It’s fine to make a mistake here and there but how you can cope with it and come up with creative solutions to tackle it is equally important.

Need of the hour

Stay honest to your cause.

We learned the hard way

It’s alright to make mistakes on such a quick medium like social media, but being able to bounce back with creative solutions on the quick that are brand specific and effective are equally important!

Did we just share that?

We once had a client for whom we were handling social media communication and strategy to drive sales for tickets to their event. It was a music concert at a remote destination, so we got a lot of requests online that we had to answer about transportation, board, and lodging, etc, but every now and again we got people asking us ‘if we knew where they could score some weed near the event’ both on chat and on a couple of calls as well. That was pretty epic.

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They work with us

Remfry and Sagar, The Sagar School, Conscient, Hines, BabaYaga, Thirsty City 127, Third Roast Cold Brew, Wonderflip, Tissage hand-knotted carpets, Conscius Collective and a couple of F&B projects.

Industry as we foresee

Constantly churning – with branding getting smarter and deeper into people’s lives and people demanding more bang for their buck from brands they love.

A day without Internet

Connecting with our forefathers!

Lastly, are you hiring?

YES! Smart copywriters and junior designers are all welcome. You can write to us at [email protected]