Closeup #FreeToLove ‘s new chapter features Milind Soman & Ankita Konwar

Closeup touches upon the flak received by couples with a big age difference with a short film, #FreeToLove on Milind Soman & Ankita Konwar.

#FreeToLove is an umbrella campaign under which Closeup discusses freedom to love. In 2018, they had released figures based on a study in India, Brazil, and the Philippines. It was found that most people face societal hurdles when it comes to choosing their partner or expressing love.

Refreshing the campaign, this week the brand has released a video featuring Milind Soman & Ankita Konwar.

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The film touches upon the kind of statements that are made, ridiculing couples of a big age difference. It begins with Milind and Ankita reading out and reacting to the kind of comments they receive online. Then, they share their feelings about the issue and explain how people should get to love freely. The couple gets candid about how they first met and felt about each other and how they continue to feel the same way about each other even five years later.

In between their story, statistics found by Closeup are displayed on the screen: 64% youth feel Indian society does not approve of couples with a huge age gap, 77% Indian youth keep their relationship hidden from their families and that 40% claimed that the youth in their society do not have the freedom to love.

The brand says that their findings reflect how people in India do not feel free to love and it’s time to change this. “Love is always worth the fight and your voice can bring about a massive change. We urge you to share your personal battles on social media using the hashtag #FreeToLove,” they say.

As a part of the initiative, the brand has partnered with Dhanak of Humanity, an NGO that works towards the issue and challenges faced by couples who faced resistance from society for exercising their right to choose.