A look at Dream Girl marketing strategy on release day

Dream Girl marketing strategy

“One girl will be everyone’s dream”. But who’s the mystery girl? Who is Pooja? While the movie answers that question we take a look at the Dream Girl marketing strategy.

Dream Girl makes an entry into your lives seamlessly posing the persistent question and bringing a quintessential enigmatic aspect to the character. But will you eventually find your Pooja? The Marketers of the movie leverage this query in a rather witty manner. Find out more about the Dream Girl marketing strategy.

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Directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa and backed by Ekta Kapoor, the film is set in the backdrop of Mathura with Ayushmann Khurrana and Nushrat Bharucha as the leading characters.

Touted to be treading in a different territory, the film is based on the Dream Girl enacted by none other than Ayushmann Khurrana who gets into the job for solving problems on an Adult Hotline. With his svelte voice meandering into the hearts of lovelorn men and women, alike, Pooja becomes the talk of the town when all her lovers want to find the face behind the voice.

Khurrana, having a track record of quirky and unique choice for movies like Vicky Donor and Badhai ho, takes on a bold move to play in an effeminate voice of Pooja.

We delve into the movie marketing tactics for the rib-tickling family drama and comedy, Dream Girl.

Who is Pooja?

Dream Girl’s social media marketing agency, TheSmallBigIdea , left no stones unturned to create an unfrazzled buzz around, ‘Pooja’.

‘Who is Pooja’ was executed on social media prior to the launch of the movie trailer. A call recording of a mellifluous female voice having a conversation with some of the famous celebrities was depicted in the video with a clandestine air to it.

Each of the ads was scripted in a manner that built up the curiosity and the excitement on the enigma of the caller.

Trailer your way

Post the hype created, the much-awaited trailer was launched across all social media channels.

Before the trailer launch, Ekta Kapoor shared a video with Ayushmann and Nushrat saying Pooja Calling. The trailer garnered 15 million views in just 24 hours of its release.

Reaching Pooja through Whatsapp and IVR calls

Within two hours of the trailer release, the makers received 52993 calls on WhatsApp, 167274 incoming messages and 209398 outgoing messages on chat. The actual frenzy for the movie was witnessed when in the evening almost 1000 people were calling simultaneously on WhatsApp.

Later, BookMyShow officiated the IVR number and redirected the viewers to get a chance to call and speak to Pooja.

Available to chat?

The unmissable eagerness of fans to reach Pooja didn’t go unnoticed by the makers. To keep the buzz alive, they made Pooja aka Ayushmann Khurrana available to chat on major social media platforms such as Instagram, Telegram, and even Facebook apart from the ‘Whatsapp frenzy’.

Pooja was brought alive to be able to chat with the viewers and solve all their problems or simply entertain them.




Introducing the lovelorn Aashiqs

While the trailer continued to garner rave reviews from the viewers, the makers introduced the crackling ensemble of the Aashiqs of the protagonist ‘Pooja’-

Aashiq No.1- ‘Sasta Ghalib’:

Aashiq No.2- ‘103% Brahmachaari’

Aashiq No.3- ‘Man-Hater’

Aashiq No.4 – Haryana ka ‘Justin Bieber’

Dance to the tunes of the Song releases

Amidst all the madness, the marketers created buzz around each of the foot-tapping songs of the movies, released with each song treated as a separate campaign.

Radhe Radhe:

Dil Ka telephone:

Dhagala Lagali:

Ek Mulaqaat:

Celebrating #PoojaDay

In this campaign, all the Pooja’s of the world were invited to celebrate a day with ‘The Pooja’.

Getting in the bandwagon of Festive marketing

With August and September months marking the crucial days of the festivities, the makers leveraged prominent occasions like ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ to promote the movie.

Stickers- the means of social expression?

In association with the movie, Hike came up with the exclusive Dream Girl stickers in tandem to the comedy saga to make you roll with laughter and yes! be as expressive in the Pooja way…

Truecaller to your rescue!

While Pooja kept the hearts aching in the garb of a lover, Truecaller leveraged the theme of using ‘Fake Caller IDs’ to spread awareness on the concept with the app coming to the rescue of the people who get caught in such tricks or scams.

With the theme of the movie and Truecaller at the helm, the campaign hit the right chords at the right moment for the consumers.

Contest Brand collaborations Galore

We observed a flurry of creative contests and brand collaborations with the movie.


Truecaller came up with the innovative campaign to caption the scenes from the movie to meet your dream girl.

Further, there have been umpteen number of brands that rode the bandwagon of collaborations with the movie and leveraged engaging contests.


Godrej Security Solutions




Paytm Entertainment contest


Esplanade one

Zoom Contest for Tweeples

Dream Girls in the house of ‘The Pro Kabaddi’

Paytm First Games

Spot dream girl Contest

#PoojaYaDooja Contest

A few days prior to the release of the movie, Trucaller’s #PoojaYaDooja Contest became one of the top trending hashtags on twitter. The contest based on the movie trivia garnered immense response from the fans who desperately wanted to get their hands on the prizes

Content Collaborations

Comedy, as an emotion is known to stir even the most stressed minds to bring laughter their way. How could iDiva’s prominent characters such as ‘Raju Ki Mummy’ stay behind to strike a laughter riot albeit with Pooja aka Ayushmann Khurrana?

Kapil Sharma and laugh a riot

The scintillating ensemble of Dream Girl reached ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ where Krushna and Kapil created laugh-a-riots with the cast.

Actors try to call and meet ‘Pooja’ before the D-day

The brand conceptualized this idea where the actors would call Pooja and fix the D-day to meet her. This was a quirky promotion gimmick to help viewers recall the release date of the movie.

Anna and Sanjay Dutt led the way to call the mystery lady or oops, maybe the lad?

Movie Marketing is a powerful tool to reach the depths of the minds of the audience. Will the Dream Girl Marketing strategy help in filling the theater seats?