Facebook launches new social VR platform - Horizon

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Sep 26, 2019 06:37 IST
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Facebook Horizon

Facebook has announced AR and VR inclusions in the way we interact and a new Social VR world called Facebook Horizon.

During the Day 1 keynote, new developer tools, end-to-end solutions for VR enterprise have been unveiled along with Oculus Quest.

Facebook Horizon: A VR World

The platform has announced Facebook Horizon, a new social experience in VR where you can build your own worlds with easy-to-use tools where no coding skills are required. The beta is scheduled to begin early next year.

Facebook Horizon

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Oculus Quest

The company has announced hand tracking on Oculus Quest, enabling natural interaction in VR while using your own hands-on an all-in-one device — no extra hardware required.

Hand tracking on Quest will be released as an experimental feature for Quest owners and a developer SDK in early 2020.

Oculus Link

Oculus Link is a new way for people who own Quest and a gaming PC to access content from the Rift Platform. The software will be released in beta this November, and it will work with most high-quality USB-C cables.

Later this year, Facebook will also release a premium cable with maximum throughput to run Rift content and a longer cord so you can move easily in VR.

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