Facebook Public Figures now have new tools and features

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Facebook Public Figures

Facebook Public Figures now have access to more tools and features to help them reach new audiences, grow their businesses and more.

Public figures on the platform such as realtors, authors, musicians, journalists and more, now have access to a range of features and tools, to use the platform constructively.

The new features would aid creators to engage directly with their community, monetize their offerings by selling directly to the fans and more.

Reaching New Audiences

Collaborative Stories for Public Figures

The feature would let multiple public figures contribute to the same story, to give multiple perspectives on a specific topic.

The feature was tested during the music festival, Tomorrowland, wherein more than 20 artists contributed to a Tomorrowland Story, giving the fans various perspectives to one event.

Facebook Public Figures

Discovering New Public Figures to Follow

The platform is testing a new feature in News Feed that would display Public Figures that you might be interested in, based on your interests and engagement on the platform.

The test is also being explored with different approaches to introduce established faces and underdogs.

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Tools for Engaging with Communities

You already have access to features like Facebook Groups and Facebook Live to stay engaged with your community, now Facebook has added new features such as Q&A Stickers and Music Stickers.

Fan Reply Sticker

Fan Reply Sticker for Facebook Stories, which lets people using Pages create a call to action on a story, prompting followers to respond with a photo or video. And responses can be re-shared to their story for all their fans to see.

AC/DC and Sony Legacy used the Fan Reply Sticker in testing, to engage fans around the 40th anniversary of the band’s ‘Highway to Hell’ album.

Facebook Public Figures

More Ways to Earn Money and Grow Businesses

Apart from ad revenue from videos, branded content, selling merchandise and tickets and fan subscriptions, Facebook is introducing new ways for Public Figures to make more money.

Expanding Shopping Options

Swipe-up links have been added to Facebook Stories, giving public figures the ability to link out to products or other recommendations they want to share with their followers.

Public figures would also have the ability, to tag products in Facebook photo and video posts, which would be expanding to Facebook Stories too. The checkout experience would also be simplified for shoppable posts.

Facebook Public Figures

Facebook Stars for Video Creators

Facebook Stars has been expanded to more creators. Facebook Stars enables fans to send Stars to creators while watching live streams on Facebook and is being tested with more video creators around the world.

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