Instagram Branded Content is now available for IGTV

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Instagram Branded Content

Brands and Creators on the platform can entail in paid partnerships to mould Instagram Branded Content for IGTV.

Business or Creator Accounts that meet the platform's Eligibility Standards can now use the Branded Content tag in IGTV for long-format Branded Content.

Previously, paid partnerships for paid content was only available for video content that's up to one-minute long, i.e. for a standard Instagram post and not IGTV.

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The addition could also increase the number of brand collaborations on the platforms. We've seen several partnerships for static posts and short-form content, we might see more of long-form content now.

In an Indian context, Brands such as Asos, Balenciaga, and Netflix India have been active on IGTV while many creators including SuperCarBlondie and GadgetWala are active on the platform.

How to add the tag:

  • Tap on 'Advanced Settings' before posting.
  • You can search for your partner by tapping 'Tag Business Partner'.
  • If your partner has added you as an Approved Account in their Branded Content Settings, you can tag them and post your content.

Instagram has been pushing the consumption of content on IGTV for over a year now. The photo-sharing app started including IGTV in the usual feed and explore tab, as opposed to a dedicated separate page that went Live initially.

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