Instagram might be introducing a button to upload different kinds of content

Paawan Sunam
Sep 19, 2019 07:24 IST
Instagram is testing

Instagram is testing a button on Profile that would let you upload different kinds of content.

According to an App Researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, when you tap on the '+' button beside the sidebar menu on Profile, it would show you options to create three types of posts, 'Feed Post', 'Story' and 'IGTV Video'.

Presently, to put up a feed post you have to tap the '+' icon on the bottom navigation bar, to post an IGTV Video, you have to click on the IGTV icon on the home feed and to post a story, you have to click on your profile ring in the Stories Bar.

So this button, if released, would be more like a one-stop solution for posting all sorts of content pieces on the platform.

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It would be easier for general users to upload posts, but it would prove more fruitful for creators & brands posting content more frequently.

Brands & Creators on the platform, when they adopt to this process, will experience a simplified and hassle-free procedure.

For instance, a creator can post a teaser as their 'Story', trailer as a 'Feed Post' and the full piece of content on IGTV, through one button.

What would be interesting to see is if the feature would lead to tweaks or removals of any buttons that are present currently or the platform will have new Interface.

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