#TopicalSpot: Spin around the Smart Chakra brand creatives

Paawan Sunam
Sep 27, 2019 16:10 IST
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Smart Chakra brand creatives

Smart Chakra brand creatives have unlocked the creativity within and present smart portrayal of sharp-witted promotions.

For a change, this trend was not triggered by The Fake Ad Co., this one was by Ad Parody. The trend was soon simultaneously picked up by memers and brands of the digital community. Enter - Smart Chakra brand creatives.

One of the two chakras represent the everyday hassles and the handicapped way of doing things, the other chakra represents the 'smart' way of doing things.

Brands circle their products around the smart one by highlighting the perks of consuming their brand, and the struggles of not consuming their brand in the other.

The ones that picked up on this trend can also be considered early risers, as they are the frontrunners in this trend, tapping on the topic during its high-chatter period.

Godrej HIT has hit a home run with this trend, they fulfilled their corporate social responsibility revolving around their brand while tapping on the trend.

More brands such as Nicotex, Pass Pass, Oven Story Pizza, Durex India, Faasos, Godrej Properties, BookMyShow, Standard Chartered Bank, Goodknight India, and others put a ring on this trend with a strong brand connect.

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Godrej HIT


Pass Pass

Oven Story Pizza

Durex India

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Lunch Box


Wai Wai


Tata Capital

Godrej Properties Limited


Orientbell Tiles

Standard Chartered Bank

Haier India



Blu Smart

TUI India


Goodknight India

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