#TopicalSpot: Comic Book Day brand posts help us find the superhero within

Comic Book Day brand posts

Brands are scripting their campaigns by drawing visual creatives and coloring the socioverse with Comic Book Day brand posts.

Comic Books have always had a deep impact on our lives, directly or indirectly. Comic Book Day pays tribute to the art, the artists, the script and the writers. The day was first popularized in the United States and is now celebrated globally. Brands join the bandwagon with Comic Book Day brand posts.

Jai Mahal Palace and Skore India went with a comical representation. Mother Dairy invokes nostalgia from the Chacha Chaudhary days. HP WW Studio went with a live-action series portraying magical powers.

Few brands went a step further presenting their promotions in the comic book format. Several brands have used a mix of content schemes tapping on famous characters, notable quotes, childhood favorites, contests, tributes and more.

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Jai Mahal Palace

BMW Motorrad

Mother Dairy

Fable Street

HP WW Studio




Living Foodz

Skore India

Domino’s Pizza India


Multivision Global

LF Originals

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