Twitter tests Lists as a swipeable feed

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Twitter Lists

Twitter is experimenting with the Home Feed and Twitter Lists by letting you swipe through your customized Lists from the Home Feed.

In the new update, you will also have an option to pick which Twitter lists will appear on the feed and pin them. And on iOS, you can pin up to five lists, rearrange them, and swipe them from home.

Twitter recently also altered with the desktop experience and added customization. The appearance was customizable in terms of font size options, colors, and two dark mode palettes on the site.

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The new desktop experience would also let you adjust display controls to change your information density and also play with preferred colors.

The update offers an organized experience on mobile. You can easily swipe through the topics you're most interested in or scroll through a specific topic.

Transition to your regular feed is also uncomplicated. Lists have been used for organized scrolling by Twiter users for years now.

The feature lets you keep track of a specific topic and attain all the information available on the platform around it in one place. The UI customization enhances the experience of the platform, specifically the feature.

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