Twitter allows rearranging photos while writing a tweet via drag and drop

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Twitter launches a new feature letting you rearrange photos in a tweet in the desired order. The much-awaited drag and drop feature is finally here.

Brands that consider visual presentation to be a significant part of their Twitter marketing strategy can use this feature for an appropriate depiction. All they need to do is Drag and drop.

The feature was first spotted testing by Jane Manchun Wong.

The micro-blogging platform has recently been shifting focus to the formats and visual facets of tweets. Especially the ones revolving around campaigns on the platform.

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Recently a new ad format being tested by Twitter, harbours images larger in size, larger than the typical images we see on Twitter and the ones in business posts. It also has a swipeable panel, letting you add multiple media in one post.

The recent changes may improve an ad’s appeal, refinement is always appreciated by the audience, like the obsession with the perfect Instagram grid.

Additionally, Twitter is also testing 'Topics', a feature that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter had proposed earlier.

Dorsey mentioned that Twitter contributes to filter bubbles and thinks they need to fix it. From his point of view, people only follow accounts that they agree with and probably wouldn’t prefer seeing tweets with an opposing point of view.

According to Jack, the solution to the problem is to provide a way for users to follow a particular topic and not individuals.

The feature 'Topics' may see the light of the day anytime soon, as it's in the testing phase now.

Twitter is also testing:

  • New shortcuts in the bottom tab
  • Create list shortcut button in a new lists tab
  • Topic sidebar option
  • Settings menu for dark mode.
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