World Tourism Day campaigns 2019 capture wanderlust

World Tourism Day campaigns

World Tourism Day campaigns 2019 are here to take you on a journey filled with creative escapades.

World Tourism Day is marked on the calendar to promote tourism and to raise awareness about how it adds value to the cultural, social and political impact around the world.

This year, India is the hosting country of this initiative by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and the theme is ‘Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all’. Zostel has effectively managed to tap this year’s theme with a satirical take.

Brands from the BFSI sector have efficiently created call-to-action oriented advertising. While they tapped the day’s significance, they also promoted the financial products they have available which the viewers can invest in to be able to afford travel.

More brands present some scintillating sceneries.

ixigo launched the campaign ‘Ghoomo India’ to promote 15 domestic destinations to inspire travelers to mark this day. Travelxp takes you to places through your screen. TicTac India, Godrej protekt, Yash Raj Films, and more of such brands uncork the creative bottle filled with soulful trails.

Brands have centralized on the relatability factor today and focussed on occurrences around travel. Few have also taken a pragmatic approach to forge the creative by promoting the product as a need during travels.

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Maharashtra Tourism Official

Odomos India

SpiceJet Airlines




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This #worldtourismday get yourself a travel job with us. Swipe?. . We're looking for people who plan imaginary trips in their heads, have killer research skills, the knack of being a social buff—basically anyone who's been dreaming about doing only fun things for a job!!????‍♀? . And we've got more than 15 different positions up for grabs, so pick what you're the best at and fill up the form with the LINK IN BIO.? . Full-time Wanderer Our volunteers at different Zostels will be in charge of conducting various on-ground activities and events. . Social Nomad These people will host trips for fellow travellers and guests, and ensure they have a great time. . Itinerary wizards Planning and sorting out itineraries for trips to ensure everything is covered with least resources . Serial Stay-Hunter As the name suggests, this profile entails looking for suitable accommodations and lodging facilities for travellers during fests, trips, treks and much more. . Crowd Pleaser These social butterflies will be responsible for hosting live gigs and related events at the hostels. . Local Heroes You can take care of hikes, food walks, adventures, city tours and a lot of other things being a local know-it-all. . Franchise owner Someone who believes in the concept of @Zostel hostels and @ZostelX homes, and is ready to extend the brand’s identity through self-owned properties. . The Transporter This profile demands you to be a person of means. Someone who owns transport modes and facilitates easy transportation. . In-house Maverick This person is in-charge of everything that goes around in the property and manages it solely. . Check the link in bio for more details & profiles.

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Audi India

Parker Pen India


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TicTac India

Tata Capital

Godrej protekt

Yardley London India

Volvo Buses India

Indigo Paints

Yash Raj Films


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