Xiaomi & Realme meet at the employee face-first crossroad

Saloni Surti
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With Xiaomi India releasing a campaign featuring Managing Director, Manu Kumar Jain and Realme India sporting, CEO, Madhav Sheth, both the brands take a similar approach at the core with different tactics to celebrate important milestones.

Right from their names to their social media marketing strategy, Realme & Xiaomi’s brewing battle never ceases to surprise. While their recent marketing attempts cannot be termed as ambush marketing, they certainly mirror with both the brands taking a people-first approach. Sporting their top management and team in recent campaigns, Oppo’s Realme & Xiaomi, each, celebrate an important feat.


Celebrating the response to the launch of Realme 5 Pro, Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme India, initiated #DareToLeapChallenge. To give you a quick background, the brand pushed #real5squadchallenge, urging users to participate through their official TikTok challenge. Emphasizing on the cool factor of being a part of the #RealSquad, Sheth decided to battle his acrophobia (fear of heights) by skydiving – a decision taken by Realme fans.

Further, the brand leveraged the momentum by organizing an additional sale, with Sheth sharing that he wanted to make #DareToLeapchallenge more exciting, and will increase the height of his skydive by 1 ft for every 10 units sold.

Soon enough, Realme India sold 130k+ units of Realme 5 and a video of Madhav Sheth skydiving from a height of 13,000 ft was released. The video is heavily laced with tones of exhilaration and excitement experienced by Sheth, true to the brand’s philosophy as well.  

Strengthening #DareToLeap further, the brand has roped in Ayushmann Khurrana as their brand ambassador.

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Xiaomi India, on the other hand, crossed the 100 million smartphones sold mark in a span of 5 years. Celebrating the achievement, the brand launched a video showing Manu Jain, (Managing Director, Indian Subcontinent - India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka) of Xiaomi Technology celebrating with the length and breadth of the entire team.

Grooving to the words of Best Day of My Life by American Authors, the video is cemented with a victory vibe, celebrating the important feat and the efforts put in by their employees. The video was pushed on social media through the brand’s official channels and team members’ personal social media accounts.

Giving their employees the much-deserved recognition, the Xiaomi India further had 100 of their employs sync and tweet in a sequence, counting up to a 100.

As a pre-buzz to the 100 million smartphone announcement and the campaign launch, fans & followers were given a chance to guess what the BIG announcement is.

Xiaomi’s social media game has been strengthened with its latest initiative, #MiFans. Essentially, #MiFans is a loyal & engaged community consisting of young, passionate tech geeks who give advice on the best phones in the industry. For the launch of their flagship phones, Redmi K20, and Redmi K20 Pro, the brand launched a campaign asking fans to add #MiFan in their display name on their social media handles. In a recent media report, Jain claimed that over 10k fans added the prefix to their social media name.

While Realme takes a more campaign-based approach, hitting all the pillars of communication, including a celebrity brand ambassador, a Twitter challenge, and people-first approach, Xiaomi India focuses on engaging with fans & community while acknowledging and appreciating the team effort.


timing of both the campaigns and the mirroring approaches puts both the brands

right in the competitive marketing league. The battle of Me & Mi continues

to rage.  

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