7 #TrendingFormats for a perfect streak next week

Social Samosa brings you the cheat sheet with seven #TrendingFormats that you can add to your content plan for next week.

As much as graphic designers and content persons hate #TrendingFormats that come their way out of the blue, one cannot deny that these help clients get reach and teams gratification. If you are worried about your content plan for the next week, don’t! Here are a few formats you can put to use with a pinch of creativity and a lot of fun.

PS: Do select and participate only if they make sense for your client/brand!


With the help of two plates, two contrasting scenarios can be depicted. While there are a plethora of possibilities, if one of them is about reality and another aspiration, it would do wonders.


If there are three levels at which you can put across your brand’s communication, #GoodBetterBest is an excellent option for you to try.


Put Instagram’s native features and buttons to use as you make your followers pick between options that are relevant to the brand.

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Making people swipe to the camera on the left of the screen, you can add a pinch of gratification to the followers of your brand.

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or just double tap if you don’t see it

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Can you explain your brand in seven words, things or emotions? #PrismOfHappiness can be a good pick if you are game.


#SuggestionsForYou uses the Instagram suggestions bar that pops up when you start following someone. Here, you can showcase pictures and accounts as a carousel display.


Nudge your followers to save your posts by using the #SavingMode native feature on Instagram’s interface.

If you are following these trends, do email the creatives to us at [email protected] and stay tuned for articles next week.