Beyond entertainment: #EduTok to expand content creation

Driving meaningful conversations and nudging people to have responsible content creation is key to a platform as fast-growing as TikTok, #EduTok is an effort in this direction.

Content creation has become easier than ever, propelling a creative economy that brands and individuals are tapping on alike. TikTok, as a platform, has been able to create a space for creators to express, entertain and engage. However, it is growing at a rapid speed. With 120 million active users on the platform, it is evident that they have reached a point where they have to step in: To help shape and drive meaningful conversations that promote responsible influence. #EduTok is one such initiative in this direction. 

The idea behind #EduTok is to promote a platform where serious conversations can take place. With so many youngsters on TikTok, a need to create content with a three-part structure (problem, resolution, gratification) is a probable trend that is likely to be picked up. Want to learn how to quickly solve a mathematical equation or create a musical tune? When done right, you could create, disseminate and consume such content on TikTok. 

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While quite a few brands have latched on to the idea of partnering with TikTok creators to promote campaigns, they were almost always fuelled by entertainment. However, the medium is only as good as the content shared on it. What if a news publication were to make short videos capturing public opinion and sharing it on the platform with a specific hashtag? Could a few such street interviews snowball into creators and users joining the trend to share their opinions? Suddenly, the pool of possibilities is bound to grow manifold. 

Recently, the platform had taken up social media etiquettes as a topic to engage people in conversations about social media behaviour — how they should think a second before pushing out content as well as comments. Another key sub-theme was to think about social media engagement and addiction affects real-life relationships. With the help of videos, the platform had created awareness, with a CTA for people to pledge for better social media etiquettes on a microsite

With excellent traction on campaigns like #IAMLessPlastic and #SaveOurOceans, conducting multiple NGO workshops across the country and getting police forces onboard, TikTok is surely on its way to create an environment where conversations can thrive. A part of #EduTok is #TheEduTokProgram where TikTok has roped in several platform creators in an attempt to showcase their story and creative process — essentially explaining what it takes to create content that is consumed within seconds.