Brands use seven hues to communicate through the #PrismOfHappiness

seven hues

Blending science with brand communication, several on Instagram highlight relevant features using the seven hues of the #PrismOfHappiness.

When light passes through a prism, the seven hues of the rainbow refracts on the other side. It might be drawing rays using pencil and scale or looking at the prism in the lab from different angles — the phenomenon is one of the most beautiful science project school students read about and experiment with.

Last Friday, we had put across a list of trends that the brands could integrate into their content strategy for the week. Turns out, some did put #PrismOfHappiness and how!

This week, brands took up this phenomenon and added a pinch of colours to their Instagram feeds. They leveraged the trend to communicate about seven relevant features via social media. For the most part, adjectives came to their rescue as they walked the path to be a part of this trend.


Sweet Truth

Oven Story

The Good Bowl India

Lunch Box India


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Clean Kapda Laundry

Junglee Rummy

The Samosa State

Big Cup Cafe Coorg

Kajaria Ply

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Cure Ore


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Here's our take on #PrismOfHappiness

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