#AssemblyPolls Brands urge users to get inked

Election brand posts

Election brand posts line-up in formation to ink the magnitude of #AssemblyPolls2019 and an organized choice.

As polling began this morning for multiple seats across Maharashtra & Haryana, social media erupted with posts and interactions from users signifying the importance of voting and the major matters around it, and Election brand posts followed.

Brands carried forward today’s topical theme with creative posts. Kores India leveraged the electoral ink used as an identification to have voted to slide in their product. Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance urged viewers to vote while highlighting their tagline.

Maddock Films used the topical theme to promote their upcoming movie – Bala. More brands such as TVAlly.in, Wai Wai, and Fever FM managed to weave a brand connect while tapping this theme.

The Pulse ran an exclsuive campaign, about five days long, with a whole series of static and motion video posts along with caricatures and illustrations.

By the looks of the campaign and several pop culture references, it predominantly targeted the younger age group along with tapping other scenarios and national issues. Today, they posted a collage of inked fingers, to motivate their viewers.

All in all, brands marked the gravity of Maharashtra and Harayana Assembly Polls, along with touch basing public affairs.

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The Pulse

Kores India

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance





Maddock Films

Neuron Clothing

Wai Wai

Fever FM



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