Facebook changes might impact organic page impressions

Facebook Organic Page Impressions

According to a tweet by Matt Navarra, the new Facebook update might cause the organic page impressions to dip, starting this month.

Facebook will make changes to how ‘Page Impressions’ are calculated on the platform. This will directly affect the Page Likes and the perceived Post Reach by causing a dip in the Organic Page Impressions.

Facebook Page Admins can now observe the Ad reach in tandem to how it is displayed on the social media channel after this modification is made. Social media expert and consultant, Matt Navera shared the update as a tweet, earlier today.

As per the tweet, the social media network aims to reduce the number of ‘duplicate metrics’ on its pages. This also means that a more accurate number of engagement metrics will appear on the posts. Hence, the updated numbers will be opposed to the recent metrics which also includes repeat viewers.

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These changes would be rolled out from Oct’18 to Oct’28. The Facebook team mentions in the text that fluctuations in impressions for Facebook Pages and Posts continue to be normal as the influence on impressions can be due to many factors.

“But any detectable changes are likely to appear only post the complete rollout”, the team points out.