Facebook introduces new tools to aid small businesses

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Facebook tools

To aid small businesses during the busiest time of the year - holiday season, Facebook launches a set of tools to help them manage their business efficiently.

Customizable Stories Templates

Posts & stories across the family of Facebook apps have different formats and aspect ratios. To ease out a part of this hassle, and help create new assets for ad campaigns, Facebook has introduced tools to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to create vertical, full-screen assets by introducing customizable templates for Stories, available across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook tools

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Manage Customer Communications

As the holiday season also brings a flood of messages and concerns to your shore, and addressing all of them effectively and providing solutions is a struggle.

Facebook will introduce new features to Instagram Direct messages to help businesses manage customer communications seamlessly across the apps.

Facebook tools

To organize the flood of messages according to concerns, type of communication and more, the platform has introduced tools such as labels, instant replies and more.

Instant replies lets businesses automatically respond to initial messages and give people information about their business or let them know their response time. Businesses can also set up an away message for when their business is closed, or they're unavailable.

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