Facebook introduces ads in Search Results

Facebook Search Results ads

Facebook has introduced a new placement for ads – Search Results, offering an efficient way to introduce new audiences to a marketer on the platform.

Similar to the top results you see on Google when you search for something with the tags ‘Ad’, Facebook too has now introduced ads in Search Results. Brands can select the placement while setting up your campaign, once you opt-in ads will be eligible to be placed in Search Results and Marketplace Search.

The placements would be in accordance with the audience targeting and context relevant to a limited set of English and Spanish search terms.

The ads would have a ‘Sponsored’ label similar to the ones in the News Feed. Furthermore, Facebook Search Results will only appear as an ad placement if your ad is eligible.

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As the user is already in the mindset to discover products, ads relevant to the searched terms would induce ‘call to action’, with ads in Marketplace Search having the highest capability. This might work for brands.

In other news, Facebook has started to roll out the beta phase of their new desktop UI and are inviting users to try it out. The new desktop UI also includes a dark mode. Users also mention that the new UI looks similar to Twitter’s desktop version.

With Menu in the left column, Feed in the middle and Chat on the right, the three-column partition does look familiar.


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