Navratri brand posts dance to the rhythm of Garba

Navratri brand posts

Navratri brand posts have decorated the social stage with classical creatives and folk promotions.

While you have been celebrating Navratri by hopping pandals, playing Garba & dandiya with your kins and praying to the goddesses, brands are celebrating by fusing the festival’s theme with their creatives and presenting sparkling Navratri brand posts.

Zomato India busts a myth of Navratri food being boring with an appetizing post. Faasos India gathered a gang of influencers such as Viraj Ghelani, Apoorva Arora, and more to promote their Faasos meals curated specifically for Navratri – #NavraTreats.

Camlin ran a Navratri themed contest aimed at bringing out creativity amongst their audience by drawing their version of the Goddess with geometry tools and more. They themselves also posted a series of such creatives that showcase a reference.

Indigo Paints did a series of creatives spanning through the nine days and deriving the significance of each ‘color of the day’.

More brands such as Netflix India, Raymond, Tata Capital, and more celebrated the glory of the festival with Navratri brand posts.

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Zomato India

Netflix India

Dharmadhikari Ayurveda Clinic

Tata Capital

Volvo CE India



Raymond – The Complete Man

Indigo Paints

Vadilal IceCreams

Nandini Good Life

SBI Mutual Fund

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