Instagram may soon get DM on Desktop, Group Stories

Instagram is testing features like DM on Desktop and Group Stories for users, finds Reverse Engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

According to a recent update discovered by Reverse Engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram may allow users to access Direct Messages on Desktop as well as put up Group Stories. She revealed these stories in a series of recent tweets.

Instagram DM for Desktop Web would display thread information as a sidebar, much like Messenger for Desktop Web. This feature is currently being tested by the media giant.

If an when released, it would be of great benefit to influencers to manage their messages better. Brands would be able to keep track of interactions in a more organised way. Individuals on the application, especially those who don’t like to type on mobile, are likely to be happy with this update.

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The other expected update is that of Group Stories where users in a group will be able to put up stories together and then share it further with your Close Friends. This, when combined with the Group Chat Sticker feature, can be a great way to engage with people who have similar interests.

With the number and diversity of updates being tested by Instagram, especially in regards to Stories, interesting times are surely ahead for the communities of influencers, brands and individuals alike. The platform is likely to become better at the interface as well as engagement opportunities.

Update(16th January 2020): Instagram has officially announced that it is testing DMs on desktop.