Instagram tests Categorizing accounts users follow

Instagram Categories

Instagram is testing Categories in the list of accounts you follow to make them easier to manage.

The new Instagram Categories include the options previously available such as sorting them by ‘Date Followed’ and more. The new additions include the accounts you’ve ‘Least Interacted With’. This category would include the accounts you’ve least interacted with in the last 90 days, such as liking their posts or reacting to their Stories.

Another category includes ‘Most Shown in Feed’. This list would show the accounts with the maximum number of posts in your feed in the last 90 days.

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The platform has been updating and making changes to an eminent part of the experience – accounts you follow. Recently, they also removed the ‘Following‘ tab that let you see what the people you follow are engaging with.

The most recent update seems to be aimed towards providing the users with a more enhanced experience. In terms of, unfollowing the accounts they don’t engage with and reviewing the ones they most engage with.

With this update, users would be able to scrutinize their experience on the platform in real-time.

In the screenshots shared by Jane Manchun Wong, Reverse Engineer, we can also see more categories such as ‘Art’, ‘Travel’ and more. This could also mean Instagram is classifying the accounts you follow by the category chosen by the account that describes what they do.