Review: Experts comment on Tanishq’s product-oriented approach for Diwali

Tanishq Diwali campaign

Marking the launch of its new festive collection- Virasat, Tanishq launched a new campaign titled, ‘Riwaazon Wali Diwali’. Experts audit the Tanishq Diwali campaign for its true essence of the festival integration.

Like every year, Tanishq has come up with a new festive collection called ‘Virasat’  and has also rolled out a new campaign. The brand claims to bring alive the essence of age-old traditions, cultures, and rituals which have been followed through generations through the latest communication. The Tanishq Diwali campaign this year too follows through.

From ‘Sunehri Diwali’ to ‘Dilwalon ki Diwali’ to ‘Riwaazon Wali Diwali’, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Tanishq has been a trendsetter in changing the advertising game around the festival of lights with ‘Tanishq Wali Diwali’ giving us tearjerkers over the years.

Tanishq Diwali Campaign

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, Bangalore, the film encapsulates the spirit of Diwali celebrations and continuing the tradition of buying jewelry across generations. It brings to life various Diwali customs across the country – buying sweets, wearing something new on Diwali, lighting up each corner of the house, and gifting jewelry. Highlighting the thought behind the collection Virasat, the film showcases the diversity amongst consumers, cultures, and customs.

The Insight

Diwali is the harbinger of joy and prosperity across cultures in India with people buying jewelry, keeping the age-long family traditions alive. Tanishq celebrates the spirit of Diwali by bringing alive these traditional elements. The campaign shows how relations strengthen across different communities by revisiting their traditional roots and gifting their loved ones Tanishq’s jewelry.  

According to Deepika Tewari, Associate Vice President– Marketing, Jewellery Division at Titan Company Limited, this campaign is an ode to the innumerable ‘Rivaaj’ or traditions that are followed by us, especially that of buying gold and hence the name ‘Virasat’.

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Campaign objective

The campaign aims to take forward the age-old tradition of purchasing jewelry which makes Diwali auspicious.

The creative thought-process

Lowe believes that Diwali and Tanishq are integral to each other and buying gold in Diwali has been a big part of tradition across the country. This year Tanishq inspires people to take this tradition or ‘riwaaj’ forward.

“Of course at the heart of the communication is the love, prosperity, and joy that Tanishq jewelry brings about in people’s lives,” shared Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer.

Social Media buzz

With 646k views on the YouTube video, the brand is going all out, merging it well with the festive collection and product integration.

Tanishq has made efficient use of Instagram grids to make the feed look more vibrant, also featuring its brand ambassador Deepika Padukone adding glam and the required class and elegance to it.

On Facebook and Twitter its the usual creative posts around ‘Riwaazon Wali Diwali’ and a few discount promotions for the consumers to avail.

Expert Speak:

Carlton D’silva, CEO and CCO, Hunguma  Digital Services

Whilst the video is based around the time of Diwali, this is not one of the better Diwali communications I have seen. This to me is a very long TVC. It’s an innovative way of showing your catalog but not a very good video in the context of Diwali that the audience online would like to share.

Maybe they were just going for reminding people about gifting gold during this season and tempting you with their collection. If that was the intention, they have done a pretty good job.

Deep Mehta, Co-Founder, Digichefs

At first, you feel an overload of ‘product integration’ into the commercial. The hopeful background score and some good copy in a rusty voice try hard to take the communication from a sales-oriented commercial and merge the same with a joyous Diwali greeting, but do they succeed? To some extent, yes but not enough to encourage me to share the video with a friend for its beauty.

The acts in the video have been carefully placed considering the typical celebratory ways like going by mahurat, getting mithai, lighting the house, buying a new kurta, but they seem to only make me want to say ‘fine’ as the scene ends, instead of a ‘wow’.

Shreyansh Baid, CEO and Founder, Shreyansh Innovations

Once again, Tanishq delivers a heart-warming commercial to announce the arrival of Diwali. The campaign gets into homes across the country, weaving simple yet memorable gifting moments. I personally feel the commercial does justice to the Diwali mood, creating stories around gifting that make the joy of Diwali even more endearing. The TVC also makes a statement of inclusiveness by showing families across social spectrums. Year on year, Tanishq has done several striking commercials that define the Diwali moment for the brand. This TVC too delivers on the brand’s positioning of Tanishq Wali Diwali.

Yes, the film does bring alive the world of Diwali, quite effortlessly getting into the Diwali milieu of different homes across the country.