#TopicalSpot: #ThisPerson brand posts point to a promotional peak

#ThisPerson brand posts

#ThisPerson brand posts direct you to the trending creativity, this time with a platform’s interface -integrated in promotions.

Zomato India has erupted another trend. This time its #ThisPerson. #ThisPerson brand posts are now flowing in.

You might remember seeing cringeworthy posts by several pages on social media saying, “The friend whose name starts with X has to buy you a pizza” and many more on similar lines. #ThisPerson trend seems to be an altered & a more promotional version of this custom followed by numerous pages on social platforms.

Although the current trend skilfully also integrates Instagram UI.

Brand posts that have been created around this trend simply point you to the person that ‘owes you pizza’; ‘will buy you wraps’; ‘buy you an outfit’, ‘ruins a song’, and more.

Comicstaan and Sunrisers Hyderabad tapped the trend with their own revised version. While most brands stuck to pointing to a friend, these two stand out and point at you, using a different swipe on Instagram, one that opens the camera.

While most of these #ThisPerson brand posts are light-hearted satirical digs at you or your friends, one doesn’t have to look hard to find a brand connect at the post’s core.

Social Media Marketing is witnessing a reforming period, wherein brands are using a platform’s user interface and more of such smarter integrations.

Such combinations make the post stand out from the aspect ratio and make it more interactive by using ‘call to action’ notions such as ‘tagging a friend’ or others, in the course also increasing engagement.

Recently observed trends such as Instagram Music brand posts, Close Freinds and more would agree.

It would be interesting to see more of such creative trends.

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