Twitter DM filters now available for users

Twitter DM Filters

After a series of tests, Twitter DM Filters have now been launched for users to keep offensive messages at the bay.

The feature that was being tested since August 2019, is now available on iOS, Android, and Web. DM Requests or unsolicited messages would be gathered in the ‘Additional Messages’ box, you can delete the messages you want to keep out of your sight. Twitter DM Filters comes across on the lines of Facebook’s Other Messages.

The feature would be predominantly beneficial for public figures on the platform. In general, the feature is quite basic and Instagram has had it for a while. The roll-out might also be a part of the wider effort by Twitter to decrease hate speech on the platform.

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In July 2019, Twitter updated its hateful conduct policy on the platform. They would now remove Tweets using dehumanizing language against religious groups.

Although the new DM Filters do not decrease hate speech on the platform, it just decreases its visibility.

A Twitter user probed bout an option to opt-out of this feature, as a message from a friend they’re not following may also be thrown in the box, as potential spam.

As of now, it’s unclear whether you have the option to opt-out or not.

The feature might need improvements- a way to report hateful messages through the box and an option to opt-out of the feature.


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