Dunkin’ Donuts announces breakup with foam cups

Dunkin' Donuts breakup

Dunkin’ Donuts is rolling back the practice of serving cold beverages in Boston, packaging the announcement as a breakup.

Dunkin’ Donuts is doing away with the concept of foam cups as an extra layer while serving cold beverages. They have taken this call based on the pollution foam cups are capable of causing as they are non-biodegradable. Denying consumers a convenient service has to be done in a manner that doesn’t feel brutal. It has to look good, marketing-wise. This is why the way they have packaged this announcement is interesting — a breakup.

The declaration has currently been made in regards to Boston in the US. “Some relationships just aren’t sustainable. Like ours with foam cups,” says the brand. They say so as an explanation of how the Double Cup is breaking up. Your coffee will remain the same, just sans the extra cup. This Dunkin’ Donuts breakup is for the environment and won’t affect consumer experience is the line the brand seems to be trying to maintain.

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The announcement video focuses on dampness and a tiny bead of water sliding on the cup — adding a pinch of sexual tension to the mix. The detail helps draw a parallel with a romantic relationship. You can still love your coffee without the foam cup. It would just mean a more eco-friendly call. Love nature and the earth just as much, if not more.