Infographic: Snapchat users buying behaviour data

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Infographic: Snapchat users buying behaviour data

Buying behaviour data shared by Snapchat reveals Snapchatters are 2x more likely to share a moment about their purchase than non-Snapchatters

In an attempt to understand this phenomenon better, the report tracks the role of Snapchat in the path to purchase and shares interesting buying behaviour data of millennials.


Smartphones are boosting consumer retail shopping behaviours

Millennials and Gen Z are valuable audiences, who choose to spend money and boost the economy. According to the blog, together, Millennials and Gen Z have over $1 Trillion in direct spending power.

According to Snapchat’s newly published report, brands are connecting with Snapchatters via the app and this active community is constantly seeking purchasing advice on what to buy and where to buy it. Around 39% of users send snaps to their friends for opinions before shopping and 35% send snaps about products they’re interested in buying.

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Data released by the platform suggests that of the people surveyed, Snapchatters use the app 46% more than Instagram while shopping.


Further, the report suggests 7X return on Ad spend was recorded and store sales were directly attributed to the campaign. Due to constant notification reminders, 14% was the offer redemption rate. Flaunting the new outfit, 65% snap users post their stories after purchasing the product, 46% send snaps to the brands and 45% tag or mention the brand in their snap.

User shopping behaviour studied by Snapchat reveals this app is greatly used amongst young and influential users.

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