#LookUp: A constant in Vodafone's occasion strategy

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Vodafone #LookUp

Social Samosa traces how #LookUp has been a part of Vodafone's occasion strategy - be it Father's Day or Children's Day.

For a mobile operator to say that you should look up, away from your mobile is an interesting peg to any possible campaign they can run. #LookUp has been a constant in Vodafone's occasion strategy.

The list of occasions includes Father's Day, Children's Day, Friendships' Day, Valentine's Day and Diwali. The brand has been able to communicate various emotions under the umbrella of #LookUp in the last two years.

Valentine's Day

In February 2017, Vodafone highlighted how mobiles have taken over the time couples can rather spend talking to each other. Introducing the concept of a phone valet, they got a few couples to park their phones before entering the eatery — where they could share a meal over conversations. The activity resulted in couples rediscovering the dynamics of their relationship and realise new facts about each other.

Father's Day

In June 2017, the concept was extended to the incessant need to put up a perfect picture to document a special day. The campaign video featured a girl who was busy selecting a picture to wish her dad on social media, to share how they had a good time. As the camera pans out, viewers realise that she is, in fact, sitting in front of her father. The message being put is how one should try to spend quality time with people they love instead of just collecting pictures to put online. #LookUp the brand says.

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Friendships' Day

Taking the concept a notch higher, Vodafone released a video campaign, themed around Friendships' Day in August 2017. Here, they trace the steps of a woman chatting on her phone as she moves around the house, through an on-going party. The narration in the background comments on her actions and her surroundings as people try to interact with her but she ignores them. Parallels are created in the commentary. Towards the end, when she finally looks up, she realises that the party is over.


In November 2018, the brand concentrated on the impact of internet penetration on festival celebrations. A child who is visiting his grandparents comes across an essay his father had written in school. As he reads through, he comes across the various differences in his experience and his father's. These are highlighted with the help of visuals that are in contrast to the write-up being narrated. The boy eventually asks his father why his Diwali isn't like his description, making the latter hit with the realisation and take steps to match his child's expectations.

Children's Day

The most recent addition to the #LookUp campaign came in November 2019, with Vodafone going big on talking about the way parents interact with their children today. The brand explains how children deserve time, attention and the space to express themselves. Parents shouldn't ignore them, especially for working on the various gadgets that they work on. "Shush your phone, not your child," the brand says.

It would be interesting to see if and how Vodafone builds on #LookUp in the months to come. So far, they have been able to give out multiple meanings that go well under the umbrella of a single message, asking people to be aware of their surroundings and disconnect when required.

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