#SamosaTalks Digital's entry cost being low works for brands: Mohit Joshi, Havas Media Group India

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With digital gaining an edge over traditional mediums, digital advertising played an integral role, this festive season according to Mohit Josh, Havas. More in this interview...

With a passion for advertising, Mohit Joshi, MD at Havas Media Group India comes with an experience of more than 2 decades in the industry. In an exclusive conversation with Social Samosa, he shares his two cents on the evolving market.

"From the time of complete trust to a time when there is a trust deficit amongst the client that are actually looking for transparency, the business of advertising has certainly evolved in the last 20 years", cites Joshi.

Speaking at length on the festive season this year, Mohit Joshi explains why digital has emerged as the prime medium for festive marketing. He elaborates that ROI, entry cost being low compared to Print and Television, and the possibility of creating performance campaigns are few of the prominent factors which propel marketers to turn towards Digital and help in its growth.

“In my view, digital has really picked up even in Diwali season. It has become main scale, now”, says Joshi.

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Diving into the topic further we ask him about the impact of economic slowdown on the spends in the industry, to which Joshi responds that in traditional, it has decreased - Television still manages its position, Print is going through a tough phase but Digital only grows.

“Yes, the slowdown is happening in our economy, as well. Initially, we were growing at 13%, I don’t think we will go anywhere beyond 10%. The next two months are absolutely critical for that growth to happen”, sighs the expert.

As a parting note, Joshi shares that as an agency they want to have a complete holistic proposition for clients so that their work is done through one lens and one window. Lastly, the biggest trend for the maverick would be the day when Digital will penetrate the television!

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